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Medical & Safety Policies


"Making Rugby Safer"

While we have seen significant growth, safety remains our number one priority!

In our continuing effort to help make rugby a safer sport, Rugby Virginia has prepared “Making Rugby Safer”.  This document is an attempt to best reflect the current needs of the sport by providing important suggestions and recommendations, as well as established policies by USA Rugby and the International Rugby Board, in an attempt to make rugby safer for all involved.   The document outlines the policies enforced by Rugby Virginia to promote safety and provide a positive environment in which our athletes can safely participate.  "Making Rugby Safer" can be dowloaded (and printed) as a 'pdf' .  Click on Making Rugby Safer


The following sections may be downloaded (and printed).  Click on Rugby Virginia Medical and Safety Policies

For the Coach:

    • All head coaches in Virginia are required to have completed the USA Rugby Coaching Certification Program.  This program is aligned with the International Rugby Board and is a combination of online modules and a face-to-face workshop.  Coaches are assessed online for understanding and then in the workshop for competency.  Online modules include the National Center for Sports Safety Exam, the Positive Coaching Alliance, Foundations of Rugby Coaching, and specific modules that correspond to the desired workshop.
    • All coaches are required to register with USA Rugby.  USA Rugby conducts a background check on every youth and high school coach through this registration process.
    • A certified coach is required at every match and practice.
    • Coaches are required to have a cell phone at all practices and matches.
    • Coaches receive important player information through the Rugby Virginia registration process: parents' names, addresses, phone numbers, doctor's name and phone number, insurance information and any medical conditions, allergies, drug reactions and previous illnesses/injuries or surgeries relative to the athlete, as well as a signed consent form giving authorization to Rugby Virginia to obtain medical treatment for a minor.
    • Coaches are required to possess parent/legal guardian waivers and authorization forms to consent to treatment for a minor for every athlete, at every practice and match. This information includes parents’ phone numbers, Dr.'s name and phone number, insurance information, and any medical conditions, allergies, drug reactions, and previous illnesses, injuries or surgeries relative to the athlete.
    • First Aid and CPR certification is strongly recommended for coaches though not mandated at this time. Certification can be achieved through the Red Cross at .

For the Player:

    • Players are required to participate in at least four tackling practices, supervised by the certified coach before participating in their first game. The focus on this instruction is to teach safe tackling techniques and how to be tackled safely.
    • Players are required to participate in two live scrum sessions, supervised by the certified coach before participating in their first game.
    • Athletes are required to have a medical insurance policy in their name with a minimum of $100,000 in medical coverage with no restrictions for accidents while participating in sports.
    • Athletes must always wear appropriate safety gear and equipment that fits properly. Protective gear is sport-specific and includes mouth guards and cleats.  Additional equipment such as shin pads, scrum caps and shoulder pads, while optional, must meet the approval of the International Rugby Board.
    • Every athlete must register with USA Rugby.  Membership provides athletes 3rd party liability coverage.
    • Every athlete and parent/legal guardian signs the Rugby Virginia code of conduct during the registration process.

For the Game:

    • Emergency plans are issued for every field used.  (Emergency Action Plan form available for download on Forms page.)  Plan must include; address of venue, quickest route to and from nearest hospital/ER, hospital/ER address and contact information.
    • Every match is officiated by USA Rugby certified referee.
    • It is recommended that a Certified Athletic Trainer should be present at every match.
    • Coaches and referees check athletic grounds for hazards (rocks, holes, water, etc.).  Also consider current and potential weather conditions (e.g. lightning).  (See  Inclement/Severe Weather Policy)
    • Referee inspects players for proper equipment and removal of jewelry before game.
    • Parents, players and coaches agree to follow good sportsmanship guidelines as described by the Rugby Virginia Codes of Conduct, Parents Code of Conduct   & Players' & Caches' Code of Conduct, and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Liability Coverage:

    • A $1 million per incident liability insurance policy covers Rugby Virginia and all affiliates of USA Rugby, registered members, coaches, referees, volunteers, committee members and administrators.  The policy provides 3rd party liability insurance to cover the owners of practice and game facilities.

      For more information go to USAR Liability Insurance.

For additional information contact the President of Rugby Virginia at .